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IL-2 Sturmovik: Cliffs of Dover

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Posted 13 April 2011 - 12:03 AM

I made a few mods that hopefully improve the game performance a bit. To use them, you'll need to install my sfsMod first, which I also just updated to work with IL2COD v1.00.13954. Get it from: http://www.kegetys.net/misc (Read the readme!)

The mods themselves are:

- A low resolution textures mod. This mod will reduce the sizes of some of the DDS files in the game which have some quite crazy sizes*. It doesn't have a huge effect, but it can help a bit for the stuttering if running on a video card without much video memory. Download from: http://junk.kegetys.net/xzy/lowtex.7z (With sfsMod installed, use -mod=lowtex to use it. Use 7zip to extact.)

- noSSAO mod. This mod will disable the SSAO effect from the game. This effect seems to have a big impact on framerate, with minimal(if any) effect on visual appearance. Especially when playing in higher resolutions disabling it can almost double the framerate, though it doesn't help for the stuttering. Download from: http://junk.kegetys.net/nossao_mod.zip (With sfsMod installed, use -mod=nossao to use it)

- No mipmaps mod. This mod will disable the use of mipmaps from all materials used by the game. This seems to help alot to the constant stuttering the game has. An unfortunate side effect is that the textures will get an extremely aliased / "shimmering" appearance. But at least for me it makes the game perfectly playable everywhere... This makes me believe there is some very serious bug with the management of textures in the engine, it is constantly shuffling high and low detail mipmaps to the video memory which is causing the stuttering. And when the mipmaps are disabled there is nothing to shuffle. Download from: http://junk.kegetys....mipmaps_mod.zip (With sfsMod installed, use -mod=nomipmaps to use it)

* By default there is, for example, two 4096x4096 textures for the pilot textures, uncompressed ~20MB normal map texture for the buckingham palace, uncompressed ~20MB normal map texture for some small ship, etc... The engine should be smart enough not to load these at full resolution unless they're needed, but reducing the sizes can apparently help a bit anyway. The mod also reduces some other textures, if you want you can delete some of them manually to use the full resolution ones instead (ie. from lowtex\$bob\3do\Plane).

A "quick start" guide for the nossao mod: (Read the sfsmod readme for more detailed instructions + FAQ!)
- Download the sfsMod v1.1 and extract the kegetys.dll into your IL2COD dir
- Edit the Launcher.exe.config file and add kegetys.dll there similar to steam_api.dll
- Download the nossao mod and extract it to your IL2COD dir too
- Create a shortcut to launcher.exe and add -mod=nossao parameter to it

You can also add the parameters (like -mod=nossao) from Steam by right clicking on the game, select properties and "set launch options" from general tab.


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