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Posted 17 May 2015 - 04:44 PM

The first one, if the soldier is facing a heavy danger (see fear) but he's also encouraged (team charging for example) he feels the adrenaline and literally goes Über, similar to RS' banzai hability but with with less bullet resistance (maybe one bullet in the butt muscle or another non lethal zone, but the japs can take over 5 bullets doing that on Rising Storm) and runs faster with longer endurance. Video related.

And morale, based on how many bases the team got captured or lost and their death-kill ratio in combat and team killings (yeah team killing could affect the team's morale), their morale could grow or decrease affecting the entire team's emotional status. Facing a great morale they are less prompt to get fear, even when facing artillery fire, but with low morale their facial expresions look lost, deppresed and fearful. Too low morale can cost the battle round, since they can't stand a great enemy overwhelming their positions. A morale bar visible for both teams could be optionally added on the upper screen, showing how both start away from the middle and they grow and fill the bar when capturing zones and killing, then both bars clash and push back the other. If the battle goes long, harsh and both enemies are wasting life tickets away with no prolific advances and lack of progress ingame, both teams can decrease their morale and the bars shall separate and get back from the middle, affecting everyone's emotional status (activating unhappy faces or pessimistic shouts). The officers (ie: SL or commanders) can execute an important role here adding the capability to increase morale with their presence and command.

Going deeper into this concept you could add valuable war trophies like standards or items that can provide extra morale to the team if they find and capture these.

Good to see some post, I wasn't sure if the forum was down or something because it has so little activity.

Yes I want to see the bar for morale and adrenaline. The morale is so under-represented in fps games at least that care for realism and it was something in real life that could greatly affect soldier's spirit.

I want the game to be based more on morale and death ratio rather than the old capping objective system which abused gameplay by players hiding around corners in capzones rather than fighting. Something I very much disliked.

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Posted 17 May 2015 - 05:50 PM

I'm glad you like the ideas and think about adrenaline and morale, I believe both are relevant for improving the gameplay, and it's true that capturing bases can be too plain nowadays, but also time based rounds can kill the magic (or passions like we say here).

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