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Festung Europa Q&A

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Posted 29 June 2012 - 05:00 PM

Title: Festung Europa

Website: www.festungeuropagame.com

Genre / Tags: Tactical First Person, Combined Arms, Realism Shooter - Multiplayer

Type: Standalone PC Title

Developer: Jackboot Games, LLC

Engine: Unreal Engine 4

Distribution: TBD (likely Digital only)

Take your place at the front lines as the Allied forces face the might of the German war machine during one of the most pivotal moments in World War II. Experience the Battle of Normandy, from the bloody landing beaches of D-Day to the desperate, desolate fields outside of Falaise, fighting side by side with your squad mates in close combat with the enemy.

Features (subject to change):
-Supports up to 64 players in Multiplayer action
-Offline basic and advanced weapons, vehicle and leadership training
-Full body awareness
-Realistic player movement and behaviours
-Enhanced wound and shock effects
-Squad and platoon level play for infantry and armoured combined arms action
-Integrated Teamspeak 3™, featuring 3D positional audio support, with separate squad channels
-Projectile suppression effects
-Real world external and terminal ballistics models
-Component by component damage model for vehicles
-Realistic modeling of vehicle and player movement over different terrain types
-More to come...

Allied TO&E:
- Lee Enfield No.4 Mk I
- Enfield No.2 Mk I*
- Bren Mk II
- Sten Mk II
- No.69 grenade
- No.77 white phosphorous grenade
- No.79 smoke grenade
- More coming soon!

German TO&E:
- Karabiner 98k
- MG42

- MP40
- Stielhandgranate 24
- Nebelhandgranate 39
- Dienstglas 6 x 30 service binoculars
- Faustpatrone
- Panzerfaust 30 "gross"
- More coming soon!


Q: Is Festung Europa a mod or a standalone game?
A: Festung Europa is NOT based on any existing game. It is a completely standalone PC title, and is being developed 100% from the ground up by Jackboot Games.

Will Festung Europa be released for free, F2P, or full price?
A: Currently, our plans are to release FE as a full price title as we feel this fits our business model and the needs of our community the best. Price is still to be determined - however, one can expect a range competitive with other small independent title releases.

Q: When will Festung Europa be released?
A: TBD. Join us, sit back and enjoy the ride :)

Q: Which engine are you using?
A: Unreal Engine 4

Q: Can I join the Festung Europa development team?
A: Absolutely, yes! If you are enthusiastic about WW2, and are able to commit the necessary time and have the skills, please visit the Jobs page on our company website for more details. A small art test is required of all inquiring artists.

Q: Will there be different game modes in Festung Europa?
A: No. (LINK) and (LINK)

Q: Can I help fund Festung Europa, or alternatively, do you have a way that I can pre-purchase the game?
A: Not yet, but stay tuned!

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