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Graviteam Tactics: Operation Star (RTS/RTT simulation)

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#1 Kasapanos



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Posted 14 June 2013 - 10:04 AM

To all tactical wargamers and especially for those, who enjoy Close Combat and/or Combat Mission series. I'd like to point you a very good game which is on par or has exceeded those previous titles (depending your preferences, of course).

Graviteam Tactics: Operation Star (GTOS) is a 2D/3D tactical simulation type RTT/RTS game, which is also known as (old name) "Achtung Panzer: Operation Star" (APOS). This hidden gem is made by Graviteam (from Ukraine):


The game focuses to depict WWII battles on Eastern Front near Kharkov, but in addition DLCs add other areas and eras of operations, for example DLC Operation Hooper (Angola, 1988).

Gameplay consists of two phases:

1. Turn based operational map (2D), ~100 square kilometers or even more.
- Player controls a force that is a battalion or few battalions.
- Includes supply troops such as supply platoons or depots, repair (mechanic) platoons and reinforcements
- Simulation of terrain difficulties, movement and supply distribution

2. Real-time tactical battle (3D), up to 9 square kilometers.
- Begins when forces make contact on operational map
- Battle area and forces are presented 1:1 - identical to the situation and landscape on operational map
- Battle area consists of 9 squares (3x3 kilometers), which can be captured/defended
- Maximum total number of platoons in battle area is 24
- Player controls invidual squads

Despite battles being real-time and sometimes big, the game focuses to lessen micromanagement and continues to do so in the future. No mindless click-fest! AI and several modifiers associated with commands determine unit actions.

The game is constantly developed, updated and new features + content added - for free. After this game, Graviteam focuses their resources on Graviteam Tactics: Mius Front (already in development), which is basically the same game, but with new improved engine that continues adding more features.

The game is best purchased from Gamersgate.com (through which Graviteam sells it directly) and engine + patches + polygon (map) updates are to be downloaded from Graviteam sites (see the first links) or from Gamersgate.

If you are interested, try it out with open mind and make sure you run THE LATEST VERSION - way too much stuff to miss.

Also, do not confuse GTOS/APOS to Graviteam's old outdated game: Achtung Panzer: Kharkov 1943.

Hopefully it was worth to share this.


GTOS Features (since March 2013):

- Realistic landscapes (based on topographical measurements and photos)
- More than 100 types/variants of vehicles/heavy weapons
- Realistic ballistics, ammo types, penetration calculations...
- Detailed vehicle and heavy weapon damage model
- Vehicle physics
- Terrain deformation and environmental destruction
- Terrain type modeling
- Soldier behaviour and invidual statistics
- Modeling of line of sight and fire, observation equipment, dust and smoke
- Dynamical lightning, weather and time of day affect visibility
- Communications and leadership have effect on responsiveness of units
- Various artillery (on-map + off-map) and air support assets + spotters
- Dynamical, non-scripted AI
- After battle statistics including hit/penetration vectors and damage information
- Lot's of other details
- Single-player (no multiplayer, maybe someday)


VIDEOS (official and fan videos from several versions):

Nice atmospheric AAR like gameplay from newest version (mar 2013 ver):
(part 1)
(part 2)

Operation Hooper DLC teaser (mar 2013 ver):

Tank video, includes tigers (aug 2012 ver):

Gameplay (aug 2012 ver) - the guy playing isn't 100% familiar with the game.

Gameplay trailer/teaser (may 2012 ver):



http://www.graviteam...rum/index.php#1 (OFFICIAL)


http://translate.goo...8tbb88KXeX5lgTQ (russian forum)

#2 Cpl.Guillemette


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Posted 14 June 2013 - 04:32 PM

When I tried to play the Demo, I couldn't much. I tought CM and CC were quite more intuitive.
It does look good tho! I might five it another try!
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#3 lazerBAR


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Posted 14 June 2013 - 08:36 PM

I remember seeing a trailer back when it was released, but I could never find where they sold it :(
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#4 Kasapanos



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Posted 15 June 2013 - 09:25 AM

When I tried to play the Demo, I couldn't much.

The demo is a bit outdated (does not have new supply system, communications, command points and automatic on-map artillery fire system for example), but is OK I guess. Also the operation in the demo is very small.

I tought CM and CC were quite more intuitive.

CC is very intuitive, simple and with "smooth" fun multiplayer, but is also a bit different kind of game. CM is closer to GTOS, but takes different approach: player micromanages everything. I personally don't think that a tactical simulation should make you micromanage that much. Also, CM is more like a board game compared to GTOS, does not have dynamic campaign and has outdated engine. CM, however, has multiplayer and turn-based/realtime hybrid WEGO mode that some people enjoy very much.

GTOS is different game by design and needs to be played differently. Commands do not work like in other games. You can't even command units to attack a certain target (only assign higher priorities). Also, there are no "magical" factors included in the orders "like camouflage +1". One should familiarize himself with the function of orders with combination of modifiers to understand what they actually do. It's a difficult game to get into, but mostly because it's just a different game with lot's of things to learn. Also its game mechanics and features are evolving with notable changes all the time, so one may not learn the whole game that fast.

Of course GTOS has it's flaws, but some of them are debatable or just misunderstanding. The positive thing is the constant support and continued development of the game and series.

Anyway, nowadays there are "plenty" of tactical wargames available. We have Close Combat (CC), Combat Mission (CM) and Graviteam Tactics (GT) series to choose from, each with different kind of perspective and depth to wargaming simulation. There are also news that even CC is moving towards 3D engine in the future, while maintaining it's classical gameplay.


Graviteam Tactics AAR with screens from Shield of the Prophet DLC (semi-realistic setting: Iran + Mujahidin vs USSR in Afganistan desert)

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