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Recipe for popularity

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Posted 01 January 2016 - 09:23 AM

Accidental double post here, sorry.

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Posted 15 January 2016 - 03:04 AM


  1. In many maps, the spawn is often so far away from the action that you run out of stamina before you even get there, especially if you go through one door immediately before the next one opens.  Conversely, it can be so close that you get killed before you can get your bearings.  That is why the MDV's were invented; to allow each team to decide where they wanted to spawn.
  2. Before I forget, pleasepleasepleasepleasePLEASE change the spawns so that weapons are disabled and there is no collision between players.  I've lost track of how many times people have been deliberately tk'ed in spawn, and I've even seen guys blocking spawn exits so that nobody can get by them without tk'ing them.  It's ridiculous.
  3. Please put a letter/number beside each spawn choice, and let players just hit that key.  (When choosing to use letters or numbers, remember that players should be able to choose without shifting either hand.)  Better still, do that for all multiple choice situations, like choosing roles and equipment for that role.  For example, I might be able to spawn at the third spawn point a rifleman with the G43 within a second of getting to the role screen by hitting 'D1B<ENTER>3<ENTER>', where 'D' is rifleman, '1' is main weapon, and 'B' is the second choice of main weapon.
  4. IRL, reinforcements come from a particular direction, and arrive on-scene via a particular avenue.  If the enemy has made that too risky, those reinforcements will have to take another route, and thus delay their arrival.  Conversely, if that avenue was blocked, and the enemy has been pushed far enough back, extra reinforcements will be immediately available.  This can be simulated in-game.


I just wanted to comment on #2.  I agree with the idea of no collision in the spawn zones, but I think collision should be kept on the battlefield if there is a way to do that.  The reason for this is accidental team kills.  While playing RO2, I have had people run through my character while I am clearing a building or a room and as soon a they noclip into my character they die because it counts me as shooting them. I don't remember having this problem in RO: Ostfront or DH primarily because of the collision.

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Posted 23 January 2016 - 06:05 AM

  1. The only fixed spawn point should be the main base. Rally point/fob system is so much superior. The old spawn points system where it only shifts the frontline after the obj has been capped usually chokes the battlefield into just one fixed place that can often last even up to 20 minutes before one side finally takes it and just creates meatgrinding.

    Rally point/fob system allows for the ebb and flow for every map that can turn the tide anytime during the battle. But at the same time allows for so much more possilibities of manoeuvring on the map and conducting a long-range firefights using MG support.

    So you don't have to rush to the flags, your squad could actually go around and attack the enemy from behind, thus getting the enemy's initial expectations of your attack all wrong and confused.

    However I think having halftracks as spawning points is really not a good idea. Too easily anyone can bypass the whole frontline of defensive positions with it by just simply driving straight into near a capzone flood infantry into a hotspot without actually working hard to slowly making your way to the objective through the terrain and heavy fire etc. It usually blows up everytime you try to get to the objective and that creates a lot of griefing and frustration.
  2. The capzones should be recappable and capped very slowly enabling for the fighting to continue in it and not suddenly shift forward after the obj has been capped. Also should always first turn into a neutralized and only then captured by the team.
  3. In Squad game I've noticed these massive levels can be played in so many different ways. I've played some maps that I thought it was a completely different map, and all it was changed was that the spawns and the capzones were in a completely different places (even rotated 90 degrees so both team start on the north & south side instead of the west & east). Add to that a different weather, different game type and feels like a completely different map. So JBG please don't make maps small. Don't resort to other fps game design of maps that we know - little to no foliage, visibility only perhaps some 200m and full of fog. That is to me quite obsolete now. The UE4 engine allows now for large distance maps. Refrain from the foggy-low-visibility syndrome when mapmaking in FE please...
  4. The only levels that should have time limit are "special" mission maps like allies have 10 minutes before axis blow up the bridge scenarios. Otherwise ticket system is far better.
  5. The ticket system and victory conditions in Squad game really allows for a very comprehensive way to win the battle. There are many factors in it than just "either you capture all the flags to win or you lose". Another thing about victory is that it is calculated by both - flags and kill/death ratio.

    Many times my team have won because the enemy carelessly have lost too many men in the process even though they held more flags.

    Of course holding more flags bleeds out enemy tickets quicker but the main thing is controlling tactically advantageous parts of the terrain, getting eyes on the enemy and disrupting their ability to organize.
  6. Taking a flag that was held by the enemy team costs enemy 20 tickets, and a FOB 10 tickets. So it's usually up to squadleaders whether or not attacking a fortified capzone would benefit the team or not. It's what makes it so dynamic.
  7. It is great you can see all the player's kills/deaths at the end of the round and also by how many tickets your team has won/lost.

    It actually even could be done with different titles so less than 25 tickets is a minor victory, less than 50 a tactical victory, 75 tickets major victory and <100 tickets a total victory or something of that sort.
  8. There are some aspects in Squad that are even more hardcore than some of the shooters we all know. I like the way it is done with the zoom. There is no quick-insta zoom upon going to iron sight. It only zooms in when you press shift which holds your breath and it lasts only for about 5 seconds. When you press it, it zooms very slowly. It makes you think of using it cleverly and in crucial moments when you need it.
  9. To me when I played Squad, having your teammates and squadmates shown on the map is so indispensable part of teamwork that I can't imagine playing without it. It sorts of facilitates the fact that in real life all your squad members and names are usually well known by you. In game this is simulated on the map and thus easily being able to direct to your eg. MG, sniper etc. for assistance.

    Also if you JBG are not going to implement any kind of spotting system. Then having the bearing on the bottom of the screen same way that is in Squad is a must for me to tell my squadmates quickly "shot coming from 115".

    Also in that bearing are shown your squadmates and the little dots get bigger the closer they are to you which is so very helpful.

    Marking things on the map by the SL is another very useful thing to inform not just your squad but a whole team of enemy contacts/movements or the plans of your attacks or where you want your squadmates to go.

    The only thing I would really want, since marking on the map is already there, make so you can click by looking through the binoculars and the marker would show up automatically instead of opening and clicking on the map.
  10. It is quite well done how it blurrs your vision when you get hit and you hear your heart beating and slightly bloodied screen. The only thing I would add is some visible blood marks on your face so you could actually see when your squadmates are hurt.
  11. But then the revivability by medics in Squad imo gets tiring after a while and often an undesireable role to take... Sometimes I just prefer to get shot and respawn rather than waiting for a medic forever. Although I understand it's designed to not waste your team's reinforcement tickets and also part of squad-cohesion but imo realism then suffers too much here and you are unable to eliminate 3-4 enemies if you are all by yourself because they can heal themselves up...

    Instead make in FE so that perhaps every hit has more affect on you by going limp, more sway etc.

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Posted 25 January 2016 - 02:09 AM

Frankly I just hope that someone will be running anything other than the super fast-paced super-close quarters infantry maps a month after release. Or the Trench warfare type maps masquerading as open areas either. I just can't get into RO2 the same way I could get into DH. Too much camping, bottlenecking, repetitive dying and turning corners in friendly held buildings to find some guy with twitch reflexes and a STG44 blasting you in the face. And way, way too much pure chaos and insanity. 


I like a game where I can move without being constantly ambushed, where I can predict the rough direction the fire will be coming from and plan my moves accordingly, where I can actually see my targets without them being obscured by obnoxious levels of bloom and post-processing. I'm sure I'm not alone.


I agree with the first bolded paragraph sooooo much. Every single map in RO2 is just a close-quarters twitch-shooter fest. Even the non-urban maps are overly-grindy and don't actually allow for tactical gameplay or flanking. Just spawn and keep running at the same trench line. 


In many DH maps, there is a tonne of room in large open maps where you can flank up multiple different wide open fields or pick people off from a distance from entrenched positions and buildings spread throughout the map. I especially love the massive maps (like bridgehead) where there are multiple small villages or fortifications throughout the map that must be captured, unlike in RO2 where the objective is one single neighbourhood of apartment buildings or factory complex. The ability to have large open maps that allow squads to  maneuver tactically, flank, and pick their own route to approach an objective is key. 

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Posted 11 August 2016 - 01:38 AM

If you want success for Festung Europa just recreate Darkest Hour with better graphics and some better physics. If you do that you are guaranteed to be successful. There is on old saying "If it is not broke don't fix it". You have a masterpiece right now hence the amount of players still on the servers for Darkest Hour. From the video you have shown it seems you are currently on the path for success. Just copy the tank game play from Darkest Hour in the new game. Please do not waste your time like Tripwire did on creating an extensive model interior for one tank and release a game that has half the content of the RO1. Keep the realistic reload times in the game as well. This adds strengths and weakness's to your weapons abilities and how one goes about attacking/defending.

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