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Heavy Machineguns

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Posted 21 January 2015 - 07:19 PM

Another suggestion from a long-time player but brand-new poster.

Since we have mortars, which are a weapons platoon level support weapon, why not add heavy machineguns?

These would represent the MG42, 1917 Bowning and Vickers machineguns on tripod mounts. Like the mortar they would have a long set-up time and limited field of fire so the operator would be rather vulnerable. In return they would offer no recoil effects on aim and the ability to sustain fire for longer periods. They could be aimed and directed the very same as co-axial vehicle MGs with a limited arc of fire. If the designers are feeling fancy they could add, like the vehicle view modes, a "free-hand" mode that allows mouse pointing like a vehicle bow MG. The Browning and Vickers, being water-cooled, should have almost unlimited fire without overheating (for game play there would have to be some limit) while the MG42 would have 2 spare barrels instead of the single barrel it has in its light MG role. The heavy MGs could be resupplied by other players using the same mechanism as the light MGs do.

Naturally these weapons would be map-wreakers if introduced carelessly throughout the available maps (imagine Omaha with endlessly sweeping MG fire or crossing the fields into Stoumont facing the same:rip:). However, on large, wide-open, maps such as Bridgehead they would add yet another layer of complexity and game play.

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