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The 4th Infantry Division, Allied realism unit (RECRUITING)

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Posted 15 February 2015 - 07:57 PM

[B]Group Name[/B][B]: The 4th Infantry Division
Group Tag[/B]:[4th ID]
[B]Website/Forums[/B]: Currently connect through our Steam group and Teamspeak, Steam mentioned below. Teamspeak: ts31.gameservers.com:9370
[B]Public Steam Group[/B]: http://steamcommunity.com/groups/4IDDH (invite only)
[B]Public Server IP[/B]: US/EU: (US, technically not public as it's locked, currently a training server.)
[B]Liaison[/B]: Founder of division, Shriden: http://steamcommunity.com/id/becausewhynotkiddies/ (Mention 'Hammer' as a recruiter)
Description: A small, well-knit Allied infantry realism unit looking for active Darkest Hour players.

Greetings to the community from the 4th Infantry Division! My forum name is Nightcaper, but I actually go under Hammer on Steam, Pvt. Hammer of the 4th ID. I post this on behalf of the realism unit I am with, looking to bring new people in who are interested in a small, well knit Allied infantry realism unit. I say well knit as most of us know each other well, being fairly small, so it's easy to find your place in with us. We are a realism unit, however, when not training, skirming, or other tasks expected of us in the 4th ID, we are gamers, friends, having fun growing and playing. What I feel makes our unit special is by how small we are, we don't have a website or forum, we keep our communications tight and pretty 1:1, and it brings our little community together. This does not mean we are without organization however, we effectively use the Steam group to send out announcements, discuss things, wish everyone in our unit the best, as well as using our Teamspeak to communicate. We are looking for active Darkest Hour players interested in joining a realism unit, but may be daunted by the larger ones and want to start small.

I haven't introduced myself very well, I am Private Hammer of the 4th Infantry Division. I post this on behalf of the unit as I currently run our gameserver and teamspeak, and tend to be better at other forms of communication than just Steam and Teamspeak. I am happy to see this large community still going strong, and have decided to post this here, as well as having made a Steam discussion thread on it. What we want most in our fold, are people interested in learning, growing, and having fun, and most of all willing to accept some restraint and discipline. When people think of 'realism unit', it's not always in a positive light... we're slightly unorthodox, but I feel it makes us who we are. We don't harshly punish anyone for mistakes, but we do expect that the higher ranks are respected, and that a global rule of respect for your brothers in arms are upheld.

I can't think of much else to write after this... as I said, we're a bit different from other units. We don't have an official website or forum apart from Steam and Teamspeak, and we tend to keep a bit more tightly knit, however we are willing to adjust accordingly when needed. If you're interested in checking out the 4th Infantry Division, contact Shriden, our founder: http://steamcommunit...ewhynotkiddies/ Mention that Hammer sent you to him, and we see how it goes from there. If there are any questions, let me know on Steam, or here. My Steam contact information: http://steamcommunity.com/id/TheHamma/ (Just remember I'm still a Private. I might not know the answer to a lot of questions regarding the 4th, unless about the server or teamspeak.)

Thank you for reading, and I wish you all the best!

-Pvt. Hammer[4th ID]

(Note: Being a Private posting this, a lot of this is my experience/personal feeling of the unit. A lot of it holds true from my experience, but always contact the official source, being our founder Shriden, about any questions or details. Nobody knows more about the 4th than Shriden, not even me. I have received his permission to post this, as well as the Steam discussion.)

EDIT: I have been authorized by Shriden to answer any technical related questions about the unit, as in technology wise. I am an engineer of the 4th ID, so this is right in my field. Ask away if you have questions regarding that!

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