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The Big Capture Zones System Thread

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#41 robert357



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Posted 20 February 2016 - 02:11 AM

About map. There is physical map in Heroes&Generals where even others can see when you look at it. Something like in Resistance and Liberation.


About objectives. In every games there is capture the flag mode and only capture the damn zone. Capzone in house, in church, in bunker, on the middle of field. I really like Breacourt or that Airborne map from DH because there is real objective - destroy Flaks and 88 guns or defend positions from counterattack.


So maybe mix this two things and make something like that:

1. cap crossroads

2. cap first line of houses where is AT (spawn zone defenders is move back but spawn zone attackers is still in the same position)

3. destroy AT (unlock tanks)

4. cap second line of houses

5. secure bridge (cap starts on the bridge and ends little after it)

6. destroy tough tank with damaged engine (no cap, just destroy it)

7. cap last line of houses

#42 5th SS Div Wiking

5th SS Div Wiking


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Posted 29 February 2016 - 11:26 AM

Too much complexity as a result of trying to implement a sim as a game.


Simple objectives (capturing locations), a map that gives a rough idea of enemy forces and MBVs to represent lines of supply. KISS. Or, KIR (keep it real).


As soon as you start to implement hard-coded methods of shepherding players into particular styles of play you turn a sim into an arcade game (or at least that's one way of doing it, amongst many). Team-work is a function of player input, not hard-coded functionality. The best games I've been in is where somebody steps up to the plate on VOIP and gives orders. Not everyone follows them but that's FOW (fog of war). Trying to coral players with crap like "You are leaving the battlefield" is very off-putting to those who choose to spurn games like World of Tanks.

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