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Posted 24 November 2016 - 07:44 PM

[FORUM RULES] - Please read before posting

Updated: 24 November 2016

Welcome to the official Jackboot Games forums. Our goal here is to maintain an open and free line of communication between ourselves and the community in order to provide a place where members and staff can speak their minds and share their love of gaming and other relevant topics. However, in order to make the forum experience an enjoyable and fulfilling one for everyone it is necessary to lay down some basic ground rules for expected behavior and interaction.

First, the fine print--

"These Forums are owned and maintained by Jackboot Games, LLC (hereafter referred to as JBG). JBG reserves all rights to administer and moderate all topics and content on these Forums. Additionally, JBG reserves the right to deny Forum membership to any individual, group, or organization at its sole discretion, for any reason, at any time. JBG has the right to amend or modify the Forum Rules at any time, for any reason. All Forum Users are responsible for reading, understanding and following all Forum Rules, at all times.

Now, the rules --

General Rules

- Before you create a new topic, please use the search function in the top right corner of the forum page to ensure that a similar topic has not already been posted previously.

- If threads are found by moderators to have been posted in an inappropriate area, when they would be more suited in another of the other Sub-Forums, a Moderator will move your threads to that Sub-Forum for you. A re-direct will not be provided.

- Use short and to the point Subject titles for your posts. This will assist Users in quickly finding the topics they desire to read and participate in.

- The primary and official language of these Forums is English. The use of other languages in comments is allowed, but in order to maintain understanding among the rest of the community, we strongly recommend the use of the official language whenever possible.

Forum Content Related Rules (Threads, Posting, etc.)

  • DO NOT Insult any Forum member or Forum staff.
  • DO NOT Start or participate in flame wars, intentionally derail a topic, or post useless spam messages in moderated areas.
  • DO NOT Spam emoticons in your posts or comments.
  • DO NOT Post yours (or other member's) personal information (i.e. name, address, phone number, passwords, etc.) in the forum's public spaces
  • DO NOT Impersonate any member of the JBG staff or moderator team in any way. This includes usernames, signatures, avatars, post content, titles, status updates, or any other material considered to be fraudulent by the moderating team. This rule applies to both the forums and in-game.
  • DO NOT Deliberately challenge moderation or administration, if you have issues or concerns with any actions taken please send a Private Message to Moderators, or Community Managers/Administrators.
  • DO NOT Publicly post Private Message content or individual official communications from JBG staff that is aimed solely at the recipient. Doing so without the expressed written permission of the sender will result in an immediate ban.
  • DO NOT Post or engage in any "Game is Dead" thread topics or other related comments, or anything else that intentionally seeks to discourage users from visiting the Forums. If JBG decides to discontinue development on any product or service, we will inform the community immediately - and publicly.
  • DO NOT Post anything that intentionally seeks to persuade users to avoid purchasing or funding any current or future JBG produced content.
  • DO NOT Encourage or Post links, workarounds, or any other method in avoiding local taxation laws or pricing policies therein.
  • DO NOT Complain about the behavior, policies, or actions of server administrators, clans, or any other community groups over which JBG has no control.
  • DO NOT Create duplicate or "sock puppet" accounts. All such accounts will be closed and deleted immediately by Moderators.

Strictly off Limit Topics and Discussions, including posting links:

  • Any form of serious threat or harassment. JBG is obligated to turn over such communications and User information to the appropriate law enforcement authorities.
  • Porn, "snuff", and other socially unsuitable and objectionable content.
  • Piracy and willful copyright infringements
  • Discuss usage of cheats, hacks, or any related topic.
  • Links to illegal software, warez, torrents, cheating or hacking orientated sites.
  • Any advertising messages from other organizations, groups, or individuals without explicit written approval from Jackboot Games, LLC management.
  • Racism and any form of discrimination.
  • Promotion of radical or violent ideologies or posting of content glorifying such groups.
  • Content exceptions for Historical discussion purposes are allowed as follows:
    • Any content connected with the game Festung Europa – user content, manuals, videos, humorous photographs and quotes, caricatures.
    • Historical photos, films, and text representing life and events (until the end of the 20th Century)
    • Art, both graphical (pictures, posters) and musical (marches, wartime music, and folk songs);
    • Distinguished historical figures, commanders, and common soldiers during WW2 or other historical periods;
    • Actual existing examples of clothing, uniforms, armaments, or personal effects from any wartime periods;
  • Profanity and insult via direct statement or implication (full or partial circumvention). This includes the use of swearing, racially or ethnically charged terminology, offensive and abusive language, and other references of an insulting or profane nature.
  • Promotion of criminal activities, including drugs and the abusive use of alcohol.
  • Any form of political or religious discussion liable to cause dissent is strongly discouraged. Such posts or topics will be heavily moderated and will be deleted or locked as deemed necessary by the Moderators.
  • Any material which may include Photosensitivity imagery that may cause epileptic and or other Photosensitivity related seizures..
  • Any post judged to be "insulting and/or inflammatory by deed or intention" by JBG Staff or forum administrators.
  • Do not misuse the report function. This includes sending repeated false reports, using condescending or offensive language in your reports, or spamming reports, etc.

Rules Violations & Appeals
Violation of the above Forum Rules, at the discretion of the Moderators or JBG Staff, may result in warnings or bans (temporary or permanent) depending on the following factors:

  • The severity of the violation
  • Frequency of violations and/or number of warnings previously issued
  • The Forum members overall history, standing, and behavior on the Forums and In-Game

​You have the right to appeal after punitive measures have been applied. All appeal decisions are final. Appeals can be made to:

  • admin@jackbootgames.com


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