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Thread: Darkest Hour Update is RELEASED [16DEC2011]

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    Darkest Hour Update is RELEASED [16DEC2011]

    Well folks, the time has come at last. The actual release of this update has taken a bit longer than all of us anticipated, but we hope that you will find it worth the wait. The final update for Darkest Hour: Europe '44-'45 is NOW available for download on Steam.

    This is a rather bittersweet moment for us. With the release of this update, official team development on Darkest Hour: Europe '44-'45 has come to an end. While official development on the mod has ceased, we are confident that the game's legacy will endure thanks to YOU, the community.

    Why would a development team work on a free mod for so long? Yes, Darkest Hour has been around for a long time - 5 years to be precise. First and foremost, we do it for the love of the game and the dedicated community that has followed us throughout the years. Without your continued support there would be no Darkest Hour, plain and simple. We've wanted to challenge ourselves and push the tools in our hands to the limit. We've wanted to perfect techniques and concepts for future efforts and Darkest Hour has been a fine vehicle for that. We are passionate about the history - the men and the machines that fought in the largest conflict humankind has ever known. And last, but certainly not least, we still have fun every single day!

    We tip our collective hats with much respect to Tripwire Interactive who created the amazing platform upon which we have built our dreams. Their support and encouragement has been incredible, and we would like to take this opportunity to thank them once again and give credit where it is fully due. Bonam Fortunam lads!

    To our former team members: the fine craftsmanship you have contributed to this long endeavor and the sacrifices you have made is not forgotten. Wherever you may be, we raise a glass (or three) to you.

    Our personal gratitude to the clans, server admins, and others who have stuck with us through the "best of times, and the worst of times".

    To our beta testers, who have spent many a long and late dreary hour running over the same old parts of certain maps or driving around in this or that vehicle to find out which part of the code we might have broken during that particular week - we salute each and everyone of you.

    To all of our regular forum contributors, we know that it wasn't always possible to add or change everything you requested, or maybe even some of what you requested, but please know that everything you write here is read, considered, and processed...sometimes banked for future reference. Our greatest appreciation for your time and efforts.

    Spread the word to all of your friends and fellow gamers: this old warhorse has a lot of life left in her yet! The future is in your hands. And if you haven't played in awhile, give us a fresh look - you might like what you find. See you all on the battlefield!

    When one door closes, another opens...This post also serves as the first official public announcement of our team's transition to the Jackboot Games, LLC banner. You might notice some BIG changes to the place over the coming weeks. We hope that you will continue to share your thoughts and ideas with us as we embark on our next journey. Development is already underway on our new project - a standalone release built using Epic Games' UDK featuring the British/Commonwealth sector of operations in Normandy from the D-Day landings until the closing of the Falaise Pocket. Our pledge to you is to stay engaged and remain true to the type of gaming experience you have come to want and expect from us.

    Have a happy and safe holiday season!

    Jackboot Games, LLC
    Community Born. Community Driven.

    Darkest Hour: Europe '44-'45 5.1 Patch Notes


    Bois Jaques
    • Amount of German Panzer V ‘Panther’ tanks reduced from 2 to 1.[/*:m:283ona1s]
    • Amount of German Mortar Operator roles increased from 1 to 2.[/*:m:283ona1s]
    • Lowered ambient temperature.[/*:m:283ona1s]

    • Fixed issue where the 105mm guns did not change appearance when destroyed.[/*:m:283ona1s]

    • Both sides now have forward deployment instead of motor pool deployment.[/*:m:283ona1s]
    • Deployment locations and system changed slightly for balance and to reduce spawn killing.[/*:m:283ona1s]
    • Added one public Mobile Deploy Vehicle to both sides which does not require a Squad Leader to drive.[/*:m:283ona1s]
    • German armor takes longer to re-spawn.[/*:m:283ona1s]
    • Amount of time before Germans destroy the first bridge increased.[/*:m:283ona1s]
    • Added an additional infantry crossing adjacent to both bridges.[/*:m:283ona1s]
    • Destroying the Pak 40 over-watching the first bridge is now a secondary objective for the Canadians.[/*:m:283ona1s]
    • Canadian armor bolstered.[/*:m:283ona1s]

    • Germans and Canadians now have dedicated mortar positions.[/*:m:283ona1s]
    • Added objectives:
    • Les Pavillions[/*:m:283ona1s]
    • Hotel Sohier[/*:m:283ona1s]
    • Theatre de Caen[/*:m:283ona1s]
    • Rue Gilbert[/*:m:283ona1s]
    • Eglise des Carmes[/*:m:283ona1s]
    • Avenue de Verdun[/*:m:283ona1s]
    • Garage Citroen[/*:m:283ona1s]
    [/*:m:283ona1s][*]Removed objectives:
    • Eglise St. Jean[/*:m:283ona1s]
    • Place Foch[/*:m:283ona1s]
    [/*:m:283ona1s][*]Created a formidable German defense position at Les Abbatoirs:
    • Pak 40[/*:m:283ona1s]
    • Anti-tank obstacles[/*:m:283ona1s]
    • Concertina wire[/*:m:283ona1s]
    • Sandbag emplacements[/*:m:283ona1s]
    [/*:m:283ona1s][*]Artillery now constantly falls on Les Abbatoirs.[/*:m:283ona1s][/list:u:283ona1s]

    Cambes en Plaine
    • Multiple fixes to German role equipment:[/*:m:283ona1s]
    • Germans no longer equipped with Allied red signalling smoke.[/*:m:283ona1s]
    • Germans no longer equipped with Fallschirmjagergewehr 42.[/*:m:283ona1s]
    • Germans no longer equipped with Sturmgewehr 44.[/*:m:283ona1s]

    Dog Green
    • Enlarged Western Sandbank capture zone.[/*:m:283ona1s]
    • Enlarged Eastern sandbank capture zone.[/*:m:283ona1s]

    • German StuG III Ausf. G replaced with late model (with remote machine-gun).[/*:m:283ona1s]
    • Re-added functional Flak 88 at the crossroads outside of the church.[/*:m:283ona1s]

    • Added spawn protection to all spawn areas.[/*:m:283ona1s]

    Hill 108
    • First German spawn area now moved further back to prevent Germans from camping American spawn area.[/*:m:283ona1s]
    • Second American spawn areas moved closer to the top of the hill.[/*:m:283ona1s]
    • Removed Phase Line Two objective.[/*:m:283ona1s]

    Hill 400
    • Americans now have 1 Anti-tank Soldier role for bunker busting.[/*:m:283ona1s]
    • Amount of German Machine-Gunner roles reduced from 4 to 3.[/*:m:283ona1s]

    • Americans now receive a M4A3(105) Sherman.[/*:m:283ona1s]

    La Chapelle
    • German Tank Hunters now receive a Panzerschreck instead of a Panzerfaust 60.[/*:m:283ona1s]
    • Reduced tanks for both sides to 1.[/*:m:283ona1s]
    • Final German tank is now a Stug III G.[/*:m:283ona1s]

    • Fixed “hall-of-mirrors” render issue.[/*:m:283ona1s]
    • Amount of German Machine-Gunner roles reduced from 4 to 2.[/*:m:283ona1s]
    • German Rifleman roles adjusted so as not to have an excess of Gewehr 43s.[/*:m:283ona1s]
    • Added 1 American Anti-tank Soldier role.[/*:m:283ona1s]
    • Removed a fallen beam from the Noville church tower that rendered it an ineffective firing position.[/*:m:283ona1s]
    • German reinforcements reduced to be 80% of the American reinforcements.[/*:m:283ona1s]

    • German Tank Hunters now receive a Panzerschreck instead of a Panzerfaust 60.[/*:m:283ona1s]
    • Reduced tank & assault gun to 1 per side.[/*:m:283ona1s]

    • Americans and Germans now have dedicated mortar positions.[/*:m:283ona1s]
    • Fixed objective names and added missing objective descriptions for both teams.[/*:m:283ona1s]

    • Amount of American Mortar Operator roles increased from 1 to 2 for higher player counts.[/*:m:283ona1s]
    • Americans recieve Sherman M4A3.[/*:m:283ona1s]
    • Increased Sherman respawn by 1 vehicle. [/*:m:283ona1s]
    • German vehicles now are “snow covered” variants.[/*:m:283ona1s]


    • All third person weapon meshes are now scaled correctly and attached to players’ hands in the proper place.[/*:m:283ona1s]
    • Fixed weapons being shot out of hands excessively.[/*:m:283ona1s]
    • Reduced size of first person muzzle flashes on the following weapons:
    • Browning Automatic Rifle[/*:m:283ona1s]
    • .30 Cal Browning LMG[/*:m:283ona1s]
    • M1911 Colt .45 pistol[/*:m:283ona1s]
    • C96 ‘Schnellfuer’ pistol[/*:m:283ona1s]
    • M3 ‘Greasegun’[/*:m:283ona1s]
    • Fallschirmjagergewehr 42[/*:m:283ona1s]
    • Sten Mk.II[/*:m:283ona1s]
    [/*:m:283ona1s][*]New sound effects for certain infantry weapons.[/*:m:283ona1s][/list:u:283ona1s]

    Anti-Tank Weapons
    • All anti-tank rocket weapons start with 2 rockets; resupplied with 1.[/*:m:283ona1s]
    • Third person meshes for anti-tank rockets are now the correct size.[/*:m:283ona1s]
    • American Bazooka now correctly identified as the M1A1 (not the M9).[/*:m:283ona1s]
    • Rewrote anti-tank weapon descriptions with helpful information on effective range and penetration potential.[/*:m:283ona1s]
    • Increased splash damage radius for all anti-tank rockets.[/*:m:283ona1s]
    • PIAT must be either rested or in prone position to reload and/or fire.[/*:m:283ona1s]

    Infantry Weapons
    • Replaced old infantry .30 cal sounds with vehicle version, for consistency’s sake.[/*:m:283ona1s]
    • Bren now uses tracer rounds.[/*:m:283ona1s]
    • Machine-guns no longer have a more pronounced field-of-view focus than other weapons.[/*:m:283ona1s]
    • Sub-machine guns and pistols now have a less pronounced field-of-view focus than rifles.[/*:m:283ona1s]
    • Corrected M1 Grenade’s first person view offset.[/*:m:283ona1s]
    • Fixed American and German infantry tracers - now using same defaults as vehicle versions.[/*:m:283ona1s]
    • Adjusted infantry machine-gun tracers to proper frequencies.[/*:m:283ona1s]
    • Corrected magnification levels on all sniper rifle scopes.[/*:m:283ona1s]
    • Removed black “bars” that appeared at the side of sniper scope overlays.[/*:m:283ona1s]
    • Revised reticule for German sniper scopes - reticule bars now slightly thinner and have transparency (in texture mode).[/*:m:283ona1s]
    • Rewrote a number of descriptions including the correct rate of fire and effective ranges for each weapon.[/*:m:283ona1s]
    • Corrected the Sturmgewehr 44’s automatic rate of fire, from 500 rpm to 550 rpm.[/*:m:283ona1s]
    • Corrected the BAR’s slow mode rate of fire, from 250 rpm to 300 rpm.[/*:m:283ona1s]
    • Increased recoil of BAR, Bren, and FG42 in hipped stance.[/*:m:283ona1s]
    • Reduced recoil of BAR, Bren, and FG42 in bipod deployed mode.[/*:m:283ona1s]
    • Corrected network variable truncation bug that caused machine-gun tracer trajectory to be incorrect by up 1.4 degrees. (variable now accurate to 0.005 degrees).[/*:m:283ona1s]

    • Spread for both mortars increased to provide greater area-of-effect suppression.[/*:m:283ona1s]
    • High explosive mortar rounds will now ‘suppress’ nearby players’ view even if they are not within line-of-sight of the explosion.[/*:m:283ona1s]
    • View suppression from explosive mortar rounds increased.[/*:m:283ona1s]
    • Reduced amount of time it takes the operator to bring his hands up and down off of the traverse controls.[/*:m:283ona1s]
    • Elevation adjustment is now client-side and should be much smoother.[/*:m:283ona1s]
    • American 60mm Mortar M2 high-explosive round now has a 25% greater blast and kill radii. [/*:m:283ona1s]
    • American 60mm Mortar M2 traverse speed dramatically increased.[/*:m:283ona1s]

    Anti-Tank Guns

    • Opposing forces can no longer “capture” and use abandoned enemy anti-tank guns (booby trap feature disabled as a result of this change).[/*:m:283ona1s]
    • Replaced faulty message text “Cannot Use Enemy Vehicle” with “Cannot Use An Enemy AT-Gun”.[/*:m:283ona1s]
    • All anti-tank guns can now take proximal HE splash damage.[/*:m:283ona1s]
    • Dispersion toned down for all anti-tank shell types (except APDS, which was already adjusted in 5.0).[/*:m:283ona1s]


    • Added M4A3(105) Sherman for American side.[/*:m:283ona1s]
    • Added Cromwell Mk.I with 6Pdr for British/Commonwealth side.[/*:m:283ona1s]
    • M304 HVAP shot returned to the late M36 Jackson model; early Jackson model retains the M77 AP shot.[/*:m:283ona1s]
    • Added smoke shells to early Wolverine and Sherman 76 models.[/*:m:283ona1s]
    • Marder III Ausf. M now carries a top mounted MG34 for anti-infantry defense.[/*:m:283ona1s]
    • Added Browning .30 cal machine gun to the Higgins boat.[/*:m:283ona1s]
    • Vehicles exceeding 110% of rated max road speed will be forced to throttle down below this threshold.[/*:m:283ona1s]
    • Added 'FactoryDepletedEvent' to DH_VehicleFactory.[/*:m:283ona1s]

    • Vehicle engine on/off mode and turret traverse speeds now sync properly for all players on server.[/*:m:283ona1s]
    • Fixed bug that prevented switching to last ammo type after primary and secondary ammo stores were depleted.[/*:m:283ona1s]
    • Fixed bug that prevented vehicle mounted and infantry .30 Cal machine guns from damaging light vehicles.[/*:m:283ona1s]
    • Allied halftrack driver no longer exits under map terrain.[/*:m:283ona1s]
    • Improved vehicle geometry for M3A1 Halftrack. Player seating is now at the correct level in the back of the vehicle.[/*:m:283ona1s]
    • M3A1 Halftrack driver’s armored view flap is now animated correctly.[/*:m:283ona1s]
    • Dispersion toned down for all tank shell types (except APDS, which was already adjusted in 5.0).[/*:m:283ona1s]
    • Revised AP shell damage versus armored transports and armored cars.[/*:m:283ona1s]
    • Allied M3A1 Halftrack , Jeep Willys, and GMC 2.5 ton truck can now take proximity HE splash damage.[/*:m:283ona1s]
    • Hellcat and Greyhound commanders can no longer be shot through turret armor by small arms.[/*:m:283ona1s]
    • Fixed issue where certain tank HEAT rounds could automatically penetrate any other tank without running the penetration code.[/*:m:283ona1s]
    • Fixed “dead” zone in Greyhound turret where a hit at this location would result in zero health damage to the vehicle.[/*:m:283ona1s]
    • Fixed bug that allowed mobile resupply vehicles to resupply the opposing side.[/*:m:283ona1s]
    • Fixed Higgins ramp glitch where the raise animation would play as soon as the driver entered the boat.[/*:m:283ona1s]
    • Removed proximity shake from Higgins boat.[/*:m:283ona1s]
    • Binoculars view for Higgins boat gunner now functions properly.[/*:m:283ona1s]
    • Fixed field of view for Allied halftrack machine gun.[/*:m:283ona1s]
    • Squad Leaders may now deploy to Mobile Deploy Vehicles despite there being enemies near the vehicle or the vehicle being in a capture zone.[/*:m:283ona1s]


    Field of View
    • Changed default field of view from 72 to 80.[/*:m:283ona1s]
    • Slightly reduced time it takes to 'focus’ into a different field of view.[/*:m:283ona1s]

    Death Messages
    • Death message delay remains at 5 seconds.[/*:m:283ona1s]
    • Maximum death messages visible on the screen increased from 4 to 8.[/*:m:283ona1s]
    • Death message stay time reduced from 10 seconds to 2.5 seconds.[/*:m:283ona1s]
    • Death message fade-in time reduced from 1 second to 0.5 seconds.[/*:m:283ona1s]

    • Reduced the size of many oversized (2048x2048) textures.[/*:m:283ona1s]
    • Compressed many uncompressed (RGBA8) textures to use DXT1 or DXT5.[/*:m:283ona1s]
    • Significantly reduced overall file-size of packages.

      Note: The above package changes may fix many of the Crash to Desktop errors.[/*:m:283ona1s]

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    Re: Darkest Hour Update is RELEASED [16DEC2011]

    Nice work guys, take the night off, heck take the weekend off and enjoy the completion of this masterpiece. Then get your arses back to work on Monday, the Empire needs you!

    Uploaded with

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    Re: Darkest Hour Update is RELEASED [16DEC2011]

    Thanks for all the tireless work gents, it really is much appreciated and 100% worthwhile. Cannot wait !! :D :D :D

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    Re: Darkest Hour Update is RELEASED [16DEC2011]

    Nice job guys, hope to jump in some games this weekend! :D

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    Re: Darkest Hour Update is RELEASED [16DEC2011]

    Congratulations guys! You all have definitely created a msterpiece! I've been addicted to the game for the past 3 years.

    Thanks so much to the DH team and its contributors!

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    Re: Darkest Hour Update is RELEASED [16DEC2011]

    Guys - thanks for the last few years. There is no game better than DH - except hopefully the one you're working on now!


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    Re: Darkest Hour Update is RELEASED [16DEC2011]

    Only in single player for now but ......



    sounds !!!!!! 8-)

    My sten sounds absolutely brilliant ! Lee Enfield great as well.

    PIAT work is going to be a LOT harder now though, I think. Rocket weapons now back on top in almost every respect - but I'll still grab a PIAT whenever I can.

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    Re: Darkest Hour Update is RELEASED [16DEC2011]

    Ah, congrats on finalizing one of the best mods I've ever experienced. Congrats and good luck on all future endeavors as well, I'll definitely be looking forward to what you guys have in store.

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    Re: Darkest Hour Update is RELEASED [16DEC2011]

    Hurray! Long live Darkest Hour!

    Excellent setting for the next game, this will be most welcome news in our unit!

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    Re: Darkest Hour Update is RELEASED [16DEC2011]

    Very bold move indeed guys. I have the fullest confidence in you.

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